Last Known Whereabouts

by Elvers

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Last Known Whereabouts by Elvers.


A damp and misty dawn, from earthbound shackles torn
Ascending over fields and across the shore
Between these continents, I lost my innocence
You're all for me there is below those clouds

And all the papers had to say, was that he was on his way
His last known whereabouts, he's all I ever cared about
and here I am, staring West after sundown

Although I'm far away, beyond the sea and grey
Shroud that separates the waves and sky
I must remain awake, to keep my promise make
them proud of me and make it home again


On God's good grace I must rely, now my tanks are running dry
As thunder rolls around the sky, I never should have left you there alone

A rocky shore a glimpse of green, the sweetest sight I've ever seen
The city lights below and there my love
And as I touch the ground, and crowds press all around
You're all, for me, there is below these clouds.



Written by Allan Begg. Performed by Elvers.



all rights reserved


Elvers London, UK

Elvers are an alt-folk/country band founded in South London by Allan Joseph Begg and now based in Faversham, Kent.

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